Coursework Overload!

Hi Bloggers,

I hope you’ve all been well? (too formal?)

Sooo… It’s been 20 days since I’ve written my last (first) blog, which i can explain why?!

My university decided to bunch most of my cohorts hand-in’s all before the Christmas holidays which has been so stressful.  I’ve literally had a deadline back to back for the last two weeks and I have two more all due in for 12th December!

Oh how i miss first year already!!

I know this blog is specifically about Fashion, PR, Health & Beauty and all things Creative but I feel that I had to rant a little.

Anyways I am going to go back this essay before I don’t make the deadline.

Until next time my fellow bloggers

Signed: SKW



#1st Blog

Hi Blogging World,

How are you?

Yes if you haven’t noticed I am new to this whole blogging thing so please bare with me as I grasp the concept of what to do!

So.. Who am I?

My name is Shaynae Korren Walcott but I like to be known by my initials which are ‘SKW’. I am a student currently studying Public Relations and Communications at Southampton Solent University which I am absolutely loving. I am originally from London but have recently re-located to the sunny side of Hampshire (currently not so sunny actually rather cold).

What’s my background?

Having studied for nearly 18 years of my life I believe I have various things that I could put on my CV however, as in educational wise I have a range of qualifications ranging from 7 A*-C GCSE’s including English, Sociology,Media and Drama. AS Levels in Sociology and Drama, BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business and Events Management to currently (stated before) a BA (Hons) Public Relations and Communications Degree.

What are my interest?

 Well.. I love a lot of things but if I had to document what I love doing in about five bullet points they would have to be:

  • Fashion- Anything to do with Fashion I’m in!
  • Cooking- I love cooking (SERIOUSLY) I do, I mean mamma taught me best
  • Reading-  I find reading so therapeutic it helps me gather my thoughts
  • Writing- I could write for days, just give me a topic of interest and I won’t stop, like seriously I won’t!
  • Learning- A couple of years ago I couldn’t imagine me saying this as this probably wasn’t within my          vocabulary however, being nearly 21, being at university and actually studying a degree (especially PR) has made me really change my perspective on a lot of things including learning.

OK I know I said five things but I also like dreaming, dreaming is a massive part of my daily routine. Anybody that knows me would tell you I love to dream. Not only because it allows me to escape from planet earth but because I am a very ambitious girl. I cannot go one day without thinking about where I hope to be within the next five years and what I would have liked to achieve.

What will I blog about?

Fashion. Health. Beauty & All Things Creative

I absolutely love the creative industries I think it’s one of the best industries EVER!!!!! So many talented people work within the creative industries and I am using this blog to express how much I love the creative industries (talk about being repetitive).

Oh yeah I also have a massive interest in discovering raw talent within the creative industry. Finding people who have a passion for what they do who have yet to create a name within the industry is who I have an interest in. I’m all about Entrepreneurship & if I could encourage at least one person to take what they love and turn it into a living then I would be a happy girl.

In other words… My blog will be about individual creatives within the industry who are yet to be discovered. If they have a product, a brand or a service that needs mentioning or promoting, I’m their girl!

So there you have it a little bit about who I am, where I’ve come from, what I like doing and what ‘SKWBlogs’ is all about.

Stay tuned for more posts as I have a lot planned

Thanks for reading

Signed: SKW x